Tip for Making Google AdWords work for Your Real Estate House flipping and Wholesaling Biz

Gary O Shelton, Blog Writer and Lending Partner for AfricanTownUSA

Have you started a Google Ads campaign to attract motivated seller, buyer and investor leads? Or have you already tried, but just aren’t getting the results you need yet? This post can help you boost your results.

The biggest draw to Google Ads is to generate fast and predictable traffic to your real estate website. You know if you bid a maximum of $2 a click, you are going to get 10 leads to your website for every $20 bill you put up. It’s fast to get started with, easily scalable and puts your brand right where it needs to be, at the right time, in the right place. Tommy Wyher at Business.com said,” Google AdWords can make a company more successful in just a short amount of time if implemented correctly.”

After all, the old-school ways of marketing as a real estate professional are quickly passing away. According to the National Association of Realtors, 88% of all home buyers use the internet to collect information. And for 43%, the internet is their very first step. Home buyers of all ages and demographics are seeking help online. And that’s exactly what content marketing does: it helps. It provides your prospects value rather than shouting a marketing message at them.

As Aaron Orendorff — one of Forbes 25 marketers to keep an eye on — likes to say, “Content marketing boils down to sharing real solutions regarding real problems that help real people — and doing it for free.”

Pay-per-click can give you that quick boost while working on building your own online assets and organic leads in the meantime. You may always run ads and branding campaigns, like the world’s biggest brands, but you will reduce reliance on them over time. Especially when you are investing in your blog and site content.

Your first few weeks and months of running Google Ads will involve a lot of testing and polishing to get the best click-through rates. You can begin with just $10 a day. Yet, as with any other type of marketing, you need to make sure you are conducting big enough tests. Just as if you were cold calling down a list, or sending out direct mail. You don’t know if the first 99 will convert, or you’ll finally start hitting gold from your 100th visitor. Experts often recommend working with a budget of $1,000 to $3,000 a month.

Regardless of the platform, pay-per-click ads have the ability to generate a lot of traffic in a short window of time. It's also flexible in that you can adjust campaigns in real time, which is a necessary component for any successful outreach effort. Testing these campaigns will help you refine your marketing efforts and optimize more efficiently. The key is to not settle with something that yields positive results; now's the chance to push the envelope and strive for digital marketing greatness.

Make sure you are optimizing your site for conversions, relevance and ad quality score. Make sure your messaging and content is right for your ad visitors and it is easy for them to take the next step.

It’s not that complicated to set up a Google Ads account and an ad. It’s not hard to pick up the phone or put a postcard in the mail either. Though there are clearly big differences between just putting it out there, and expert setup and ads that close more opportunities. So, it’s smart to get pro help. In their book, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, online advertising and Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, and Bryan Todd offer information that will help you get more clicks from Google for less money, convert more visitors to buyers, and make your online business more effective than ever

As with any other lead generation efforts for wholesalers, the real difference in closing deals and profits is all about the follow-up. You’ve got to be fast and consistent. You can do this with automated email responses, texts, phone calls, and online retargeting campaigns.

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