How We Can Help You

Are you a private investor, representative of a trust, pension fund, non-profit or community development group?

If so, we are here for you.


Our unique approach and understanding of the urban market makes us a valued partner.


We have experience with...

LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits), MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) Financing, HOME Funds, private funding and our own in-house lenders who provide a full range of loan products that cater to your individual needs.


We have...

Partnered with organizations and companies who employ skilled trades, hire and train individuals from within the communities we develop. See our gallery, click here!


We have...

The marketing experience to expose our developments to the world.


We have...

Environmental expertise in the assessment and safe removal of contaminants.


Our team of seasoned professionals understand what it takes to retain current residents, attract new home buyers, businesses and investors. We are sensitive to the needs of our urban neighborhoods and can assist with increasing population density while offering on the job training and certification in multiple trades.

We minimize the effects of gentrification.

Are you ready?

Building Plans


Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

Our developers are disciplined and efficient which saves time and money on our projects. Our developers can tackle even the most complex projects.

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Customized to Your Preferences

We have the most seasoned developers in our market.

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Commercial, Business, Lines of Credit and Housing Loans

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Efficient, Transparent and Informed

We use the latest technology to manage our developments' rental spaces and to stay current on all Fair Housing Legislation.



We Market to the World

With over 35 years experience in real estate marketing and sales, inside Urban communities, our in-house licensed brokers and agents know Urban challenges. They are trend setters in finding solutions, building value and educating investors and Homebuyers.

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Because We Care

We provide training to first time Homebuyers/Landlords and to people seeking trade skills. All of our training is hands-on. Residents learn as they prepare to buy a home and others may receive on the job training during our development phases.