Building Legacies

We are a real estate development firm committed to empowering stakeholders in blighted urban communities around the USA.


Our purpose is to increase knowledge in the areas of ownership, construction, and understanding how to obtain a controlling interest in residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate. 


Our focus is on the undervalued real estate in urban communities whose values were impacted by redlining, environmental profiling and past developments that were driven by quick returns instead of sustainability.


Our goal is to create and offer multiple opportunities to own, invest and rebuild in urban communities.


We pride ourselves on partnering with industry professionals, and developing smart, energy-efficient and unique communities with thoughtful amenities. We are setting new standards.


Whether you’re looking to invest in a new-build, refurbishment prototypes, collaborate on projects or are an existing landowner with an idea, we have the collective skills and experience to bring value to any urban community in the USA. For a free consultation, contact us today.

Dorian Harvey

Dorian P Harvey, Founder and President


Dorian is a licensed real estate broker and founder of AfricanTown Business Association, who currently serves as president of The Detroit Association of Realtors (DAR). This role allows  Dorian to do what he has always aspired to do and that is: give back. With over 27 years experience selling residential and commercial real estate in the state of Michigan, Dorian has dedicated the remainder of his career to creating opportunities for those who have been denied access to markets and economic resources.


Dorian is a highly-motivated visionary and self-starter who has created small businesses that have directly impacted his community and several foreign markets. Often the solutions/services he has created returned very little profit and offered minimum fanfare but helped stabilize neighborhoods keeping families from becoming homeless. As the managing member of ShortSalesMadeSimple LLC, Dorian prospected on foreign investors encouraging them to purchase homes in Detroit that were owned by borrowers who suffered from family hardships due to loss of jobs, illness and/or death. Dorian was able to connect foreign investors to delinquent borrowers and helped the homeowners avoid foreclosure. Investors earned a 20% to 30% return on their investment and occupants reduced their monthly payments and maintenance expenses drastically, allowing them to comfortably stay in their homes and save money to move. A win for all involved. All of this was accomplished during the “Great” recession of 2008-2015 inside the worst real estate and employment market in the country: Detroit Michigan.


During the city’s historic bankruptcy, Dorian formed HH Property Preservation LLC to assist client- investors in project managing rehabilitation and property repairs by utilizing local contractors and handymen. Once rehabs were completed, Dorian’s real estate brokerage firm of 17 agents then managed the rentals. Mr. Harvey secured investors from China, France, UK, Australia, Brazil, and the Gambia.


Dorian also founded D505, a movement to sell 500 houses while teaching wealth building through home ownership: to buy with equity.


Currently, Mr. Harvey is committed to revitalizing urban neighborhoods by improving legislation that affects residential and commercial real estate in blighted areas and is currently campaigning for the 14th Congressional District Director’s Chair of the Michigan Realtors.


Dorian can be heard as the host of a weekly podcast show, The Detroit Real Estate Show, soon to be renamed The Dorian Harvey Show which will search for and give global exposure to small businesses and entrepreneurs in urban America. Join him at



∙ Successfully consulted and closed over 500 home buyers and sellers in his career of 27 years. Advised, marketed, sold and leased residential properties.

∙ Marketed, leased, and sold commercial real estate, spurring the revitalization of downtown Detroit during Mayor Dennis Archer’s administration, 1994-2001.

∙ Personally prospected and recruited franchises into Southeast Michigan: Fuddruckers, Starbucks, Magic Johnson’s Star Theatre, Thai restaurants, check cashing services and video rental stores.

∙ Conceived and presented a mixed development to the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Conakry, Guinea West Africa, to create economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobs for local residents. The City of Detroit’s project was delayed; the Conakry, Guinea completed: African Town™ West Africa.